Dr. Dawn DeSylvia

Dr. Dawn DeSylvia is a nationally recognized board-certified doctor in Family Medicine, with over 15 years experience in Functional and Integrative Medicine.

In 2000, Dr. DeSylvia’s honest approach and ability to speak to all areas of Functional and Integrative medicine lead her to help co-create and manage an Integrative Medical Program for the Los Angeles Free Clinic.  At that time she served as a pre-med student and massage therapist with minimal experience in administrative or public health. Administrators quickly realized that she was perfect for the job.  She came equipped with knowledge and passion, which improved overall medical care all while impressing the clinic director and the California Endowment grant board funding the program.

Dr. DeSylvia soon learned she had an innate ability to create programs and connect people and organizations in a meaningful and lasting fashion leading her right into medical school.  In 2003, Dr. DeSylvia entered into UCLA Medical School, where she continued her passion and commitment for integrating and evolving healthcare.

Here she was involved in several divisions of integrative medicine during her training at UCLA.  She worked with the Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, The Center for East West Medicine, The Integrative Pediatric Pain Clinic, and the Norman Cousins Center for Pyscho-immunology.  She was also the principle investigator on a research project she designed and published, investigating the impact medical education had on student’s beliefs, use and value of complimentary and alternative medical modalities.

After completing her UCLA residency in 2007, she was the sole resident in her graduating class, to be offered a faculty position as associate clinical physician. 

While on staff with UCLA, she studied extensively with The Institute of Functional Medicine, The Academy for the Advancement of Medicine, The American Academy of Ozone Therapy, as well as with many of the leaders in Biologic, Environmental, and Mind Body Medicine. Through this self directed secondary medical residency she was able to cultivate an understanding of the two underlying questions about inflammation, health, healing and longevity.   Specifically they are, “What is really making us sick, and causing inflammation which we know fosters disease to grow and develop?” and “What does science, confirmed by direct and reproducible experience, tell us, and show us, can be done on a root (not merely symptomatic) level to facilitate and foster health, healing and longevity?”

In 2013, Dr. DeSylvia left her position at UCLA as an Associate Clinical Faculty member to form an Integrative Medical Center of her own on the Westside of Los Angeles, Ca.  Whole Life Health MD.

Here she has been busy fulfilling her mission:

To assist in advancing and improving medical care by:

·      Creating reliable integrative health centers that are trust worthy and consistent in care and integrity.

·      Bridging innovations and new knowledge with sound science and wisdom.

·      Bringing together experts and pioneers in order to create intelligent dialogue that will inform and guide new healthcare paradigms.

Dr. DeSylvia is currently creating an Executive Physical Retreat with Nutritional and Wellness expert and author, Darin Olien, Together they have developed a unique package of functional health assessments along with interventions, offering the most up to date science in both disease treatment and prevention.   She is also working to investigate and implement research for this program and its outcomes, with current standard of care Annual and Executive physical exams.

In addition, as a result of her continued relationships at UCLA she is developing lectures and content to be given at Grand Rounds of Residency Programs, as well as modules for medical students. 

It is her firm belief that by improving the quality of our questions we ask as doctors that we will obtain more informed and effective interventions, thus decreasing disease risks, improving outcomes, and decreasing health care costs for all parties involved.