Carleigh Lipman

Carleigh has been an enthusiast for movement and functionality from a young age. Having a background with dance, she has been influenced by many great teachers to craft her into the instructor she is today. Carleigh graduated from California Sate University, Fullerton with a Bachelor’s in Dance in 2010. Upon graduation, she worked at a private sector while dancing in an Orange County based dance company, FUSE. Transitioning from being an athletic dancer 24/7 to working a desk job by day and company dancer by night, her body underwent different stresses with back pain being one of her series of issues. Mat pilates was always in her life with her dance career, but she began to pick up Pilates on the apparatus to help ease her pain. From there, she realized how extremely significant the Pilates practice was to the health of her body. She decided to go deeper into the work, and underwent her certification with Body Arts and Science (BASI), in their comprehensive teacher training course.

While studying to complete her BASI certification, she was introduced to Foundation Training. Created by Dr. Eric Goodman, Foundation Training strengthens the posterior chain by building up proper functional movement of the body. By learning these series of exercises, Carleigh’s back pain all together vanished. Seeing how good her body felt from both the work of Joseph Pilates and Dr. Goodman, Carleigh then completed her certification with Foundation Training to be able to compliment her Pilates certification. She believes that together, Foundation Training and Pilates, can help transform anyone into whatever they want to be.

After just two years of moving to Los Angeles, Carleigh is excited to open her own space at AwakenNow. She brings a level of openness, positivity and fun while teaching people how to use and love their bodies. Whether you’re looking to heal old or new injuries, or looking for preventitive exercises, or even if you’re looking to just feel good in your own skin…Carleigh is here to help! Her practice is sought out by many, and as her business grows she measures her success off the happiness and growth of her clients. Being a part of a client’s positive development in all aspects of their life is her ultimate reward as a Pilates Instructor.