Natalia Ulic

Natalia has worked as a physician in her native Serbia after graduating with honors from Medical University of Novi Sad. After moving to the United States, she used her passion for medical research to learn everything she could about skin care. She has developed a unique facial concept that incorporates the best aspects of classic European and modern American facial. 

Natalia is fully qualified to rejuvenate, revitalize, and balance your skin using all her skills to approach every specific beauty need. She utilizes all the latest technologies including micro-current (a non-surgical face lift), radio frequency (a noninvasive wrinkle reduction treatment), and microneedling (noninvasive treatment that reduces scaring, improves skin elasticity and tonicity). 

Natalia’s goal with her facial treatments is to stimulate skin and muscle metabolism (lymph and blood circulation) and increase cellular activity (elastin and collagen production). These treatments help to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, to shrink the pores, to fight the wrinkles, fine and deep lines, and make skin tightened, lift and glowing. Natalia is happy to share her expertise to make you look years younger and to choose the best products that suit your individual skin care needs. 

Her choice of the skin line is GM Collin which provides clinical treatments and homecare products. GM Collin is dermo-corrective skin line with minimum risk of irritation, allergen and paraben-free fragrance.  

Hollywood has been rolling the red carpet for GM Collin since 2005, and GMC has become one of the premier partners of the Oscar. 

Facial Toning                                                             45 min                        $ 110              

     -non-surgical face lift with microcurrent (face gym)

     -tones and lifts sagginess by contracting and relaxing muscles          

Radio Frequency                                                       20 min                        $  75

     -non-surgical wrinkle removing treatment 

    -stimulates sub-dermal new collagen and elastin            

Combo of FT and RF                                                        60 min             $ 165

       Package of 10 FT and RF            $1,650

GM Collin Clinical treatments:

Hydrolifting                     60 min                    $200

C-Sea Spa                        60 min                     $180

Oxygeneting                    60 min                     $150

Botinol                             60 min                     $250

Collagen   90-II             75-90 min                  $250

Collagen Eye Contour     30 min                      $  65

Chemical Peels                30 min                      $  85

Algo mask w/stem cell or diamond   60 min   $ 180


Add on FT               $85

Add on RF               $50

Add on FT+RF       $120

        Package of 3 and more clinical treatments is 10% off