About Herbal Medicine

In Chinese herbal medicines we combine two or more granular herbs to create an individual formula specific for each patients needs. Herbs are blended to enhance their positive effects and reduce or eliminate any negative side-effects they may have. Instead of having a standard formula for a particular condition you can increase the clinical effectiveness of the herbs through this tailoring. For the patient this ideally means faster results with less side-effects. For best results they are used along side of acupuncture treatments.

Benefits of herbal medicine

  • Revitalizes the body's natural ability to heal
  • Treats the root cause not just the symptom - it acts as a continuation of the acupuncture treatments
  • Individualized treatment 
  • Little or no side effects
  • Treats acute diseases and conditions by killing bacteria or virus
  • Can help heal chronic illness such as gastrointestinal disorder, respiratory disorder, allergies, orimmune system deficiency. Because the herbs will be taken daily, the body will become stronger and will be able to heal itself.
  • Some of the most common uses for herbal medicine in China include liver disease - hepatitis and cirrhosis, sexual dysfunction in men , infertility in women , insomnia , colds and flues , menstrual pain , irregular menstruation, menopause , and cancer treatment support .

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