I have had the bad fortune of having several injuries over the last several years, as my mind is younger than my body allows me to be. I have had the good fortune to work with Marina Dabcevic, who has become somewhat of a miracle worker in her ability to help heal quickly and to maintain health. Not only does Marina have unique skill sets, education and training in oriental medicine, acupuncture and massage she uses those skills with a mastery of personality that is friendly comforting and restorative.
— David H., Venice, CA
I became Dr. Marina’s patient when many months of traditional Western medical treatments had failed to help a severe condition of vertigo that compromised both my professional and personal life. My condition, however, was completely resolved after two treatments with Dr. Marina that included acupuncture, acupressure, and the use of Chinese herbs.
— James Jackowski, Santa Monica, CA
Thank you, Dr Marina!! I am totally a believer in acupuncture! I went from being completely depressed and my stress level was so high, that it had my blood pressure up to 160 over 109, today I feel so much better. I don’t burst into tears anymore for no reason, I don’t wake up at night from a panic attack and I don’t have eye twitches anymore. I FEEL GREAT!
— Amy L., Beverly Hills, CA
My triathlon season was a success, in a big part because of my visits to Dr. Marina. The biggest help came the day before my final race of the season. My calf muscle seized in a cramp and I was unable to walk. I called Dr. Marina and she fit me into her schedule that same day. I came in 10th of 353 in my age group for a personal record time in an Olympic distance triathlon. Dr. Marina’s expertise and sound advice have been appreciated by many people whom I have referred, including my fiancee, my mom and a couple of my girlfriends
— Sandie Black, Los Angeles, CA
In my profession I find myself sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen for most of my day. Dr. Marina was recommended to me in hopes to relieve daily stress and tension in my shoulders, reduce headaches.After being treated with acupuncture and cupping therapies I can honestly say I feel like a new woman! Each and every time I leave Dr. Marina’s office I feel rejuvenated and relaxed for the weeks to follow. I highly recommend Dr. Marina to all of my friends and family.
— MJ Anderson. Santa Monica, CA

"My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Marina's since 2010.  Since that time, she has had such a positive impact on our health and well being and has helped us overcome many injuries and illnesses over the years.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, conscientious, always professional, kind, compassionate and is determined to heal whatever it is that ails us.  Dr. Marina cares deeply for her patients and that is one of the many things that makes her such a fantastic doctor.  I have had a lot of experience with acupuncturists in the past and she is hands down my favorite on so many levels.  She makes me feel like it’s her personal mission to make sure that I am healed and healthy."

- Laura Hertz, Venice, CA