About Vitamin IV Therapy

IV and IM treatments are used frequently in traditional medicine in order to achieve fast and potentiated results over oral therapy. Integrative physicians have been seeing powerful results utilizing the administration of beneficial molecules, vitamins and nutrients for years, providing benefits beyond those experienced on oral supplements alone.


Intravenous (IV) Pushes (10-30 min)* (add on to base IV is $75-$100)

· Myers’ Cocktail is a powerful blend of vitamins (Methyl B12, Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and B-complex) Has been shown to improve immune function and decrease duration of colds and flus, improve energy, and aids in regeneration of your body’s skin, collagen, muscles and cells.    $125.00

· Myer’s Boost- in addition to the traditional vitamins the Myer’s Cocktail, we have added Taurine and Carnitine, to boost your detoxification process as well as priming the energy factors of your cells.                                                                                                                                                             $150.00

· Glutathione- is made naturally in our body, however because of the toxins we are exposed most are deficient in this vital molecule.  Benefits include improved mental clarity, improved nerve health and function, increased strength and endurance, and enhanced detoxification                           $145.00

· Phosphatidyl Choline-  is part of the cell wall and thus vital for efficient uptake of nutrients and elimination of wastes.  Because our levels of PC decrease with age, this is one of our favorite Healthy Aging IVs!                                                                                                                                  $150.00

· Regen - A powerful blend of Methyl B12, Silver (for anti-microbial support), homeopathic minerals to enhance immune system function and brain health, and glutathione.  Whether you need a pick me up, or are fighting a bug, this IV lives up to it’s name~ Regenerate with Regen!                 $150.00


IV Drips- 30-90 min*

·      Immune Drip- This takes the Myers above and adds several other vitamin and minerals in 250-500 mL of  Sterile water, provides the perfect hydration and get well quick IV. Also ideal for the run down person pre-travel to help immune system combat all the bugs on the plane!         $225.00

·      Anti-Anxiety- Infuse your cells and your brain with powerful vitamins and Amino Acids shown to calm your nerves and focus your mind in less than 45 minutes.  Experience a sense of relaxation and aids in sleep, and increases energy and focus the next day.                                                  $225.00

·      Oxygenated Treatments- oxygenating the tissues on a cellular level is one of the strongest anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, and restorative IVs we offer.  This is only afford at the office of Whole Life Health, and not available at satellite locations or via mobile services.                                    $275.00


Intramuscular (IM)-  5 min.  $30 -$40 ea. (ea. Additional add on is $10-$15)*

Methyl B12 - Energy boost and detoxification support as well as overall nervous system protection as it increases the strength of nerve fiber connections.

Methyl Folate - Enhance your methylation and detoxification to energize your cells and your self!

B Complex - Saturate your body with these powerful immune boost and energy supporting supportive vitamins.

Glutathione - The master anti-oxidant. With the current toxins we are exposed too, most people are deficient in this vital amino acid.  It has far reaching affects in detoxification, energy producing and immune function benefits. By more efficiently getting the garbage out we can take in nutrients more optimally.

Vitamin D3 - Vital for almost every important function of the body.  Immune health, hormone production, brain and bone health as well.

CoQ10 - A vital nutrient for heart and brain health.  May help with memory and concentration and detoxificiation.

MIC (Methionine, Inositol, Choline) - Benefits include increased metabolism, weight loss, focus and brain health. Aids in fat breakdown and elimination, and has been shown to benefit energy as well as focus.

Procaine  - Reset your nervous system with 3-6 mL of procaine. Used in Europe for over 80 years for “Neural therapy” (done with MDs at WLHMD), IM injections, have been shown to aid in weight loss and relaxation.

Carnitine - Is essential for the conversion of fat into energy.  Increase resilience and improve exercise recovery time. Super charge your cells to make more energy!


*Descriptions are reported and researched shown benefits, however makes no direct health claims and statements have not been endorsed or approved by FDA